• Have been working for the promotion of Indian Classical music and folk music in the remote tea gardens areas of Dibrugarh, Assam. Have been actively working as the teacher and artistic director of Chaulkhawa Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, pioneer institution in field of Indian Classical and folk music and dance since the past 10 years.


  • In the remote tea gardens areas of upper Assam children face great problems of the lack of education and better facilities of life. In this regard promotions of musical education has gone a long way in providing them the opportunities to explore their talents by learning various forms of musical instruments and dance forms both classical folk. The result has been evident as large numbers of such students have become successful artiste and performers who have taken music as a profession to earn their living. 


  • Have regularly conducted workshops, lecture demonstrations, concerts and programs for the students focusing creating an atmosphere whereby the students can be groomed as professional performers. For this purpose renowned artists and performers are also invited to perform.


  • Have been working as a guest faculty in the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, ANIM, in Kabul, Afghanistan since 2013. Have been working there as a faculty of music and work for the promotion of Indian Classical music in the conflict ridden country where music has been banned by the Taliban. Have organized student ensembles and performed in annual gala concerts. I have also worked for the promotion of Indian classical music to the girl students of ANIM as well. Many students have come out as successful performers amidst all the surrounding adversities in the country.